The Real Challenge

Ahhh...the High Holy Days. These are the days that rabbis and cantors stress most about. After all - we will have our largest crowds and the most pomp and circumstance. But what is it that makes these days so high and so holy. Truth be told, Rosh Hashanah isn’t nearly as intrinsically “high” or “holy” as Sukkot, Passover or even Shabbat. Yom Kippur is technically more sacred than Rosh Hashanah but mostly because it is a Shabbat - the Shabbat of all Shabbats. So if Rosh Hashanah is less “important” than Passover and Yom Kippur is merely a Shabbat, why is it that so much time and energy is spent on these “High Holy Days”? Why are we all going to flock to shul on these days? Why are we so stres

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