Lost Faith

Solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is less about politics and more about faith. This week Rabbi David responds to Secretary of State Kerry's speech on finding peace in the middle-east.

Happy Chrismanukkah

This year, Hanukkah and Christmas will be celebrated together but how much Christmas joy should we borrow for our Hanukkah celebrations?

Precious Patience

In this week's ROAR, Rabbi David explores the power of patience and how Jacob's choice to wait just one more night before meeting his brother helped him dream of who he could become.

Open Your Eyes

This week’s parsha, Vayeitzei, begins with Jacob on a journey, having left home abruptly after stealing his brother's birthright. In transit, he stops for the night, taking a stone for his pillow. At this moment of vulnerability, he has a powerful dream-vision of angels ascending and descending a ladder, and God promising him a great future and inheritance. When he awakes, Jacob realizes that this is not just any old resting place. He declares, "Surely ADONAI is in this place, and I, I did not know it!" (Genesis 28:16). Every morning we thank God for opening the eyes of the blind. We all know that this is not meant to be taken literally - God does not perform some magical medicine and restor

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