“Few are guilty, but all are responsible”

“Few are guilty, but all are responsible” - Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel When we read of the plagues that struck Egypt in the book of Sh’mot (Exodus), it's hard not to feel for the many Egyptians who suffered the wrath of God’s anger. Surely not all of them served as taskmasters. Many may have even disagreed with Pharaoh’s hatred of the Israelites. Why must they all suffer? Why couldn’t God just punish Pharaoh and those who agreed with him and spare the innocent Egyptians? Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel famously wrote, “Few are guilty, but all are responsible.” He first taught this in, The Prophets, Heschel’s exploration of what inspired the Bible’s masters and teachers of morality to press th

Alternative Facts

It is too easy for a little lie to become an alternative fact. This week's parsha reminds us of the dangers of creating alternative realities.

Who Do You Know?

"A new king arose over Egypt who didn't know Joseph." (Exodus 1:8) This week Rabbi David asks who you know - really know and how knowing people may be the key to tremendous challenges in our world.


It is easy to lose sight of what is most important especially when there is so much to distract us. This week, Rabbi David explores a key phrase from parshat Sh'mot and a teaching from Rabbi Chaim Moshe Luzzato to teach us about the importance of staying focused.

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