Enough is Enough

Judaism has been plagued by accusations of sexism. Not all of these accusations are baseless. A cursory reading of our sacred texts shines a light on the patriarchal society into which Judaism was born. Women in the Bible are treated, often, as property and, to this day in traditional communities, women are not given the opportunity to express their Judaism equally with men. While many in these communities would argue that Judaism believes that men and women are separate but equal - this reasoning rings hollow to our modern sensibilities. Over the past few weeks, as we have watched politicians, actors, producers, artists and others be accused of sexual harassment or assault It gives us an op

Thoughts and Prayers

As a rabbi and person of faith it pains me to say that I'm sick and tired of thoughts and prayers. In the book of Exodus, as the Israelites are standing at the Sea of Reeds with the Egyptians threatening them from behind, Moses goes to God to pray for salvation. God's response is profound. God says, essentially, "Shut up! Why are you standing here praying to me? Go down and tell the people to move forward!" In one of my favorite movies, Ushpizin, the lead character and his wife, struggling with poverty and infertility, sit together for a meager meal. After telling his wife that he got no money from the Yeshiva where he teaches, he tells her of a beautiful teaching he learned that day. He e

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