Zeh Hayom!

Zeh hayom asah ADONAI! This is the day that God has made. (Psalm 118)

I've never been very patient. I like to get things done in a timely fashion and then move on to the next task at hand. But some things, I've learned, take time. My impatience doesn't make it easy take things slowly but the process of growing something from a seed and nurturing its roots is what helps it grow, ultimately, into a strong life-giving plant. More than ten years ago, I began envisioning a new kind of Jewish community. A Jewish community that would be passionate, progressive and pluralistic; a Jewish community that would challenge people rather than judge them; a Jewish community that was built on a foundation of respect and dignity for all people regardless of their background, level of practice, gender, sexual orientation, race or class. I imagined a community that didn't have committee meetings about what to serve at kiddush, but instead, team meetings about how to feed the hungry. I imagined a community that empowered people to make informed Jewish choices about how to lead their spiritual and religious lives. I imagined a community in which prayer was transformative, learning was engaging and relevant and repair of the world was a moral imperative. Last year, I planted some seeds and began doing some programming in THE TENT. We shared Shabbat celebrations in your homes and in the Parkland Recreational Center. We enjoyed Pizze in the Hut (Sukkah) and learned throughout the year. The roots of those seeds have taken to the soil and I am thrilled to announce that "this is the day that God has made" for OHEL to become a reality.

Beginning this fall, at OHEL...

When I began envisioning OHEL I knew that I didn't want to build a traditional synagogue with membership and dues. That's why OHEL will never ask about the depths of your pockets but about the depths of your heart. You don't have to join OHEL or pay dues. Just sign up for our mailing list, join us at our events and let us welcome you in! To make this a reality we will rely on donations to function but I firmly believe that by offering something of value, we will earn your support. If you want to support our holy community with a sustaining gift it's only $18/week or $936/year. You can give any amount that works for you. Every gift counts and I will be eternally grateful.

You'll be hearing more about our new space, where we'll be holding the Days of AWE-some and the Legacy Learning Lab in the coming weeks. For now, please help me spread the word. This "day that God has made" deserves to be celebrated by many, many people.

  • If you know of families that are unaffiliated - invite them to check us out.

  • If you know of families who attend Chabad, but are looking for something more egalitarian and progressive - tell them about us.

  • If you know of people searching for spiritual community - share our website with them (www.comeintothetent.org)

  • If you know families with young children looking for a dynamic, unique and flexible Jewish educational program - tell them about the Legacy Learning Lab.

  • If you know of people unhappy with the long, rote High Holy Day services they have attended in the past - invite them to pray with us.

Right now, on our website, you and your friends can:

Let's create this together. Let's build a new kind of Jewish community in south Florida. Let's come into THE TENT!

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