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Liati Chanina

Liat Chanina Paskin was born in Boston, MA on June 22, 2000. Born to Heather and David, Liat gave joy to all who surrounded her, especially her big sister, Dalia. Her wild curly hair and big blue eyes were the perfect expression of her zest for life. She loved to sing and dance and had a passion for animals. Her life was constantly filled with laughter and love. At twenty-one months, Liati was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive brain tumor. We were all amazed at the unbelievable progress Liati had made despite her illness. She was determined to learn how to walk and talk and she refused to let the tumor get in her way.


Liati died on April 8th, 2002 at 11:15pm in the "Comfort Corner" on the oncology floor at Children's Hospital in Boston. This precious little girl was a flower that made our world a more beautiful place. Her memory lives on in all who knew her.

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